Responsible Gambling - How To Play Slots Responsibly

Responsible gambling is always on our minds here at For most people, gambling online is a way to enjoy fun and online entertainment. However, for a small minority, gambling online can be a problem already or develop into a problem. We are dedicated to helping our readers keep it all fun by marketing and advertising online gambling operators which promote safe and responsible online gambling. 

This means we ensure that every one of the online casinos we recommend for playing online slots is doing its part to keep things safe and responsible. There are different levels of what operators choose to do, but with all being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, they aim to do their maximum efforts to help their players stay in control.

The UKGC-regulated UK casinos that we recommend around this website aid responsible gambling by putting the following measures and functions into place:

How Do I know if I have a Gambling Problem?

A good way to assess if you are in danger of having an unhealthy attitude towards online gambling is to answer the following questions. This is gauge how you are gambling and how you see gambling in your life (and how much control you have over it). If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we recommend taking a complete break to get it under control:

  1. Do you suffer mood swings, irritation and anxiety when you are not gambling?
  2. Do you gamble alone on your computer or mobile device for long periods?
  3. Do you login and gamble whilst at work?
  4. Have you needed to increase your stakes to get the thrill you seek from online gambling?
  5. Have you ever gone back to gamble on another day to win back your losses?
  6. Have you ever hidden gambling from people who are valuable to you in your life?
  7. Have you borrowed money that you have been unable to pay back because of your gambling habit?
  8. Are you in debt as a result of online gambling?
  9. Do you believe that you gamble to escape other issues or difficulties in your life?
  10. Have you ever claimed to be winning from gambling you are really losing?
  11. Have you tried to reduce either the time or money that you spend gambling and have been unsuccessful?
  12. Have you ever been tempted to commit an act of dishonesty to fund your gambling habit?
  13. Do you find yourself breaking promises to family and friends, so that you can gamble online instead?
  14. Have you ever sold any possessions to obtain money to gamble or pay your gambling debts?

Getting Gambling Help

There are numerous places to turn if you need to get help with your gambling. Don't be afraid to reach for help or admit that you have a problem because there's a lot of help out there for you; you needn't go through it alone.


GamCare is the leading provider of advice and support for anyone affected by problem gambling in the UK. Their services are free confidential. You can reach them via telephone on the following free phone number: 0808-8020 133. Lines are open every day from 8 am to midnight. What's more, GamCare also offers a handy live chat if you don't feel like calling on the phone. The live chat support is helpful to get confidential advice, information and emotional support, which are not judgemental. There's also a group chat where you can speak to other people who are in a similar situation as you. You can each talk to each other about shared experiences of what you're going through.



BeGambleAware is also another well-known gambling help resource. Here, you’ll find a plethora of advice and also get access to free and confidential help by their website or via the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133. offers tips about staying in control or getting help if you suspect someone you know may have a problem gambling. BeGambleAware also provides you with information about gambling-blocking software, such as Gamban and Gamstop.


Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is an organisation of men and women who share their experiences with problem gambling in the hope that by sharing their experiences and talking about them, they can help themselves and others overcome it. The site offers several ways of help, including a Forum, Chat Room, Literature and a real-life Meeting Finder. Meetings are at the heart of Gamblers Anonymous - there are meetings every day throughout the UK which are easy to find and attend anonymously for help.

Visit Gamblers Anonymous