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We are a team of slot enthusiasts who each enjoy playing online slots and all manner of casino games. Combined, we've been playing slots for over 25 years - racking up hours playing classic slots in the early days of online casinos to the new slots that we see today. During our time playing at online slot sites, we've seen the online casino industry change dramatically. 

It's gone leaps and bounds from a regulation perspective to a technology perspective. It's now safer than ever to play at online slot sites, and the games you find at new slot sites are worlds apart from those games that first appeared online a few decades ago. 

No matter what type of slot you're looking for - we don't doubt you'll find it. Slots online today are quite simple masterpieces. They are engaging, exciting, and fun. Whilst it's also fun to play land-based slot machines, online slots are light years ahead these days. It's easier and far more efficient to get online playing slots with slots bonuses than sit-in land-based casinos. 

And this is why our website came about. We wanted to create an online slot review website as we love playing slots, and we know so much about them! To us, it made perfect sense to get UK-Onlineslots.co.uk - online! We've made it easy for you to browse our slot reviews and find the safest slot sites to play them at.

Why We Love New Slots at New Slot Sites

Every week we see a multitude of exciting new slots launched by top online game developers. Whatever the type of slot, you’re sure to find an expert review of it by our team. You can search for slots via game developer or check out the newest slot reviews - which are slots that have been tried and tested and reviewed as soon as they come onto the market. We've made finding the best online slots easy with our comparison and filter tools: why not filter slots by RTP %, free spins rounds, theme, release year and volatility to help you find your favourite types of games.

How Do We Rate Online Slots?

New slots appear every week and our reviews are always honest and unbiased. If you're wondering how we rate slots in our reviews, have a look at what we base our criteria on as it'll help you also discover the best slots for you:

Responsible Gambling

Whilst we play online slots for real money and recommend slots and casino sites on this website, we also maintain a focus of responsible gambling too. The vast majority of our online readers will never experience a problem gambling. However, playing responsibly is not limited to those who either have a gambling problem or are the most at risk of developing one. It is the best approach for everyone always to gamble responsibly. This is why we have added a whole article about responsible gambling. Please check it out and read up on ways to ensure you are safe and you bet within your limits when you play slots online.

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We always welcome feedback from our readers. If you want to get in touch with the team about any slot or casino you see on this website, please use the details provided on our contact us page